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University of Illinois (1991-present)

2010       Moulton CJ, Valentine RJ, Layman DK, Devkota S, Singletary KW, Wallig MA, Donovan SM. A moderate
                protein reduced carbohydrate diet fed at discrete meals reduces early progression of N-methyl-N-nitrosourea-
                induced breast tumorigenesis in rats.  Nutrition & Metabolism 7:1. doi:10.1186/1743-7075-7-1 

2010       Chapkin RS, Zhao C, Ivanov I, Davidson LA, Goldsby JS, Lupton JR, Mathai RA, Monaco MH, Rai D, Russell
                WM, Donovan SM, Dougherty ER. Stool-based detection of infant gastrointestinal development using gene
                expression profiles from exfoliated epithelial cells.  American Journal of Physiology Gastrointestinal and
                Liver Physiology
298: G582-589.

2010       Tao N, Ochonicky KL, German JB, Donovan SM, Lebrilla CB. Structural determination and daily variations of
                porcine milk oligosaccharides.  Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 58: 4653-4659.

2010       Poroyko V, White JR, Wang M, Donovan SM, Alverdy JC, Liu DC, Morowitz MJ.  Gut microbial gene
                expression in milk-fed and formula-fed neonatal piglets. PLoS ONE 5(8):e12459.

2010       Massé PG, Pacifique MB, Tranchant CC, Arjmandi BH, Ericson KL, Donovan SM, Delvin E, Caissie M.
                Bone Metabolic abnormalities associated with well-controlled Type 1 Diabetes (IDDM) in young adult women:
                A disease complication often ignored or neglected. Journal of the American College of Nutrition 29: 419-

2011       Monaco MH, Kashtanov DO, Wang M, Walker DC, Rai D, Jouni ZE, Miller MJ, Donovan SM.  The addition of
                polydextrose and galactooligossacharide to formula does not affect bacterial translocation in the neonatal
                piglet. Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition 52: 210–216.

2011       Harrison K, Bost KK, McBride BA, Donovan SM, Grigsby-Toussaint DS, Kim J, Liechty JM, Wiley A, Teran-
                Garcia M, Jacobsohn, GC. Toward a developmental conceptualization of contributors to weight imbalance in
                childhood: The Six-C’s model. Child Development Perspectives 5: 50-58.

2011        Adedze P, Chapman-Novakofski K, Witz K, Orr R, Donovan SM. Knowledge, attitudes and beliefs about
                 nutrition and childhood overweight among WIC participants Journal of Family and Consumer Health 134:

2011        Harrison K, Bost KK, McBride BA, Donovan SM, Grigsby-Toussaint DS, Kim J, Liechty JM, Wiley A, Teran-
                 Garcia M, Jacobsohn, GC. Toward a developmental conceptualization of contributors to weight imbalance in
                 childhood: The Six-C’s model. Child Development Perspectives 5: 50-58.

2011         Poroyko V, Morowitz MJ, Bell T, Ulanov A, Wang M, Donovan S, Bao N, Gu S, Hong L, Alverdy JC,
                  Bergelson, Liu DC. Diet creates metabolic niches in the “immature gut” that shape microbial communities.
                  Nutr Hosp 26:1283-1295.

2012         Pence BD, Hester SN, Donovan SM, Woods JA. Dietary whole glucan particles do not affect antibody or
                  cell-mediated immune response to influenza virus vaccine in mice. Immunological Investigations 41: 275-

2012         Li M, Bauer LL, Chen X, Wang M, Kuhlenschmidt TB, Kuhlenschmidt MS, Fahey GC Jr, Donovan SM.
Microbial composition and in vitro fermentation patterns of human milk oligosaccharides differ between
                  formula-fed and sow-reared piglets.  Journal of Nutrition 142: 681-689.

2012         Schwartz S, Friedberg I, Ivanov I, Davidson LA, Goldsby JS, Dahl DB, Herman D, Wang M, Donovan SM,
                  Chapkin RS. A metagenomic study of diet-dependent interaction between gut microbiota and host in infants
                  reveals differences in developmental and immune responses. Genome Biology 13:R32. 

2012         Donovan SM, Wang M, Li M, Friedberg I, Schwartz SL, Chapkin RS. Host-microbe interactions in the
                  neonatal intestine: Role of human milk oligosaccharides. Advances in Nutrition 3: 450S-455S.

2012         Neville MC, Anderson SM, McManaman JL, Badger TM, Contractor N, Crume T, Dabelea D, Donovan SM,
                  Forman N, Frank DN, Friedman J, German B, Goldman A, Hadsell D, Hambidge M, Hinde K, Hovey RC,
                  Horseman ND, Janoff E, Krebs N, Lebrilla C, LeMay D, MacLean P, Meier P, Morrow A, Neu J, Nommsen-
                  Rivers LA, Rijnkels M, Seewaldt V, Van Houten J, Williamson P. Lactation and neonatal nutrition: The public
                  health implications of human milk. Journal of Mammary Gland Biology and Neoplasia 17: 167-188.

2012         Hester SN, Thorum SC, Comstock SS, Monaco MH, Pence BD, Woods JA, Donovan SM. Intestinal and
                  immune development are unaffected by dietary (1,3/1,6)-ß-D-glucan supplementation of neonatal piglets.
                  Clinical and Vaccine Immunology 19: 1499-1508.

2012         Rytych JL, Elmore MRP, Burton MD, Conrad MS, Donovan SM, Dilger RN, Johnson RW. Early life iron
                  deficiency impairs spatial cognition in neonatal piglets. Journal of Nutrition 142: 2050-2056.

2012         Hester SN, Donovan SM. Individual and combined effects of nucleotides and human milk oligosaccharides
                  on proliferation, apoptosis and necrosis in a human fetal intestinal cell line. Food and Nutrition Sciences 3:

2013         Thorum SC, Comstock SS, Hester SN, Shunk JM, Monaco MH, Donovan SM. Impact of diet on
                  development of bronchial-associated immunity in the neonatal piglet.  Veterinary Immunology and
151: 63-72.

2013         Adedze P, Orr R, Chapman-Novakofski K, Donovan SM.  “Set the Pace” – Nutrition Education DVD for
                  Head Start Parents.  Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior Accepted manuscript available online:
                  21-DEC-2012 DOI: 10.1016/j.jneb.2012.09.011

2013         Hester SN, Chen X, Li M, Monaco MH, Comstock SS, Kuhlenschmidt TB, Kuhlenschmidt MS, Donovan
. Human milk oligosaccharides inhibit rotavirus infectivity in vitro and in acutely infected piglets. British
                  Journal of Nutrition
(in press).

2013         Fuller KL, Jimenez-Flores R, Kuhlenschmidt TB, Kuhlenschmidt MS, Donovan SM. Milk fat globule
                  membranes isolated from buttermilk or cheese whey and their lipid component inhibit infectivity of rotavirus
                  in vitro. Journal of Dairy Science (in press).

2013         Thorum SC, Hester SN, Comstock SS, Monaco MH, Pence BD, Woods JA, Donovan SM. Dietary
                   (1,3/1,6)-β-D-glucan decreases TGF-ß expression in the lung of the neonatal piglet. Nutrition Research (in

2000         Whang K-Y, Donovan SM, Easter RA.  Effect of protein deprivation on subsequent efficiency of dietary
                  protein utilization in finishing pigs.  Asian-Australian Journal of Animal Science 13: 659-665.

2000         Houle VM, Laswell SC, Freund GG, Dudley MA, Donovan SM.  Investigation of three doses of oral insulin-
                  like growth factor-I on jejunal lactase phlorizin hydrolase activity and gene expression and enterocyte
                  proliferation and migration in piglets.  Pediatric Research 48: 497-503.

2000         Massé PG, Delvin EE, Hauschka PV, Donovan SM, Grynpas MD, Mahuren JD, Watkins BA, Howell DS.
                  Perturbations in factors that modulate osteoblast phenotypic expression in vitamin B6 deficiency.  Canadian
                  Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
78: 904-911.

2001         Donovan SM, Monaco MH, Bleck GT, Cook JB, Noble MS, Hurley WL, Wheeler MB.  Transgenic over-
                  expression of bovine α-lactalbumin and human insulin-like growth factor-I in porcine mammary gland. Journal
                  of Dairy Science
84 (E. Suppl.): E216-E222.

2001         Wheeler MB, Bleck GT, Donovan SM.  Alteration of sow milk to improve piglet growth and health.
                  Reproduction (supplement) 58: 313-324.

2001         Anthony TG, Anthony JC, Lewitt MS, Donovan SM, Layman DK.  Time course changes in plasma
                  concentrations and heptatic mRNA expression of IGFBP-1 following treadmill exercise and post-exercise
                  food intake in rats.  American Journal of Physiology 280: E650-E656.

2001         Boileau TW-M, Clinton SK, Zaripheh S, Monaco MH, Donovan SM, Erdman JW Jr.  Testosterone and diet
                  restriction modulate hepatic lycopene isomer concentrations in male F344 rats. Journal of Nutrition 131:

2001         Burrin DG, Stoll B, Dudley MA, Donovan SM, Fan M, Reeds PJ. Oral IGF-I increases the efficiency of
                  lactase processing in association with a suppression of intestinal proteolysis in neonatal pigs. Journal of
131: 2235-2241.

2001         Park YK, Dudley MA, Burrin DG, Donovan SM. Mucosal protein and LPH synthesis in parenterally-fed
                  piglets receiving partial enteral nutrition and insulin-like growth factor-I.  Journal of Pediatric
                  Gastroenterology and Nutrition
33: 189-195.

2002         Allen LH, Bentley ME, Donovan SM, Ney DM, Stover PJ. Securing the future of nutritional sciences through
                  integrative graduate education. Journal of Nutrition 132: 779-784.

2002         Conour JE, Ganessunker D, Tappenden KA, Donovan SM, Gaskins HR.  Acidomucin goblet cell expansion
                  induced by parenteral nutrition in the small intestine of piglets. American Journal of Physiology (GI and Liver
285: G1185-1196.

2002         Deplancke B, Vidal O, Ganessunker D, Donovan SM, Mackie RI, Gaskins HR.  Selective growth of
                  mucolytic bacteria including Clostridium perfringens in a neonatal piglet model of total parenteral nutrition.
                  American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 76: 1117-1125.

2003         Massé PG, Boskey AL, Ziv I, Hauschka P, Donovan SM, Howell DS, Cole DE. Chemical and
                  biomechanical characterization of hyperhomocysteinemic bone disease in a novel animal model. MC
                  Musculoskeletal Disorders
4: 2 (on-line publication)

2003         Whang KY, Kim SW, Donovan SM, McKeith FK, Easter RA.  Effects of protein deprivation on subsequent
                  growth performance, gain of body components and protein requirements of growth pigs. Journal of Animal
81: 705-716.

2003         Correa-Matos NJ, Donovan SM, Isaccson RE, Gaskins HR, White BA, Tappenden KA.  Fermentable fiber
                  reduces recovery time and improves intestinal function in piglets following Salmonella typhimurium infection.
                  Journal of Nutrition 133: 1845-1852.

2004         Milo LA, Correa-Matos NJ, Donovan SM, Tappenden KA. Neutrophil and small intestinal lymphocyte
                  migration after Salmonella typhimurium infection: impact of fermentable fiber.  Journal of Pediatric
                  Gastroenterology and Nutrition
39: 73-79.

2004         Chen A-C, Donovan SM. Genistein at a concentration present in soy infant formula inhibits Caco2BBe cell
                  proliferation by causing G2/M cell cycle arrest. Journal of Nutrition 134: 1301-1308.

2005         Schook L, Beattie C, Beever J, Donovan S, Jamison R, Niemi S, Rothschild M, Rutherford M, Smith D,
                  Zuckermann F. Swine in biomedical research:  Creating the building blocks of animal models.  Animal
16: 183-190

2005         Chen A-C, Berhow MA, Tappenden KA, Donovan SM. Genistein inhibits intestinal cell proliferation in
                  piglets.  Pediatric Research 57:192-200.

2005         Massé PG, Tranchant CC, Dosy J, Donovan SM. Coexistence of osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease
                  risk factors in apparently healthy, untreated postmenopausal women. International Journal of Vitamin and
                  Nutrition Research

2005         Massé PG, Dosy J, Jougleuz JL, Donovan SM, Caissie M, Howell DS. Bone metabolic imbalance occurs at
                  an early stage of natural menopause Journal Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition 37: 19-27.

2005         Hartke JL, Monaco MH, Wheeler MB, Donovan SM. Effect of a short-term fast on intestinal disaccharidase
                  activity and villus morphology of piglets suckling insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) transgenic sows.  Journal of
                  Animal Science
83: 2404-2413.

2005         Monaco MH, Gronlund DE, Bleck GT, Hurley WL, Wheeler MB, Donovan SM. Impact of mammary-specific
                  over-expression of insulin-like growth factor-I on pig milk IGF-I and IGF binding proteins, milk composition
                  and milk yield..  Transgenic Research 14: 761-773

2006         Guay F, Donovan SM, Trottier NL. Biochemical and morphological developments are impaired in intestinal
                  mucosa from growing pigs fed reduced-protein diets supplemented with crystalline amino acids.  Journal of
                  Animal Science
84: 1749–1760.

2006         Walker WA, Donovan SM.  Preface for the 25th anniversary symposium of the Bristol-Myers Squibb/Mead
                  Johnson Freedom to Discover Nutrition Research Grants and Awards Program.  Journal of Pediatrics 149:
                  (suppl 3): 47-48.

2006        Donovan SM.  Role of human milk components in gastrointestinal development:  Current knowledge and
                  future needs.  Journal of Pediatrics 149: (suppl 3): 49-61.

2007         Bernstein RM, Leigh SR, Donovan SM, Monaco MH. Hormones and body size evolution in papionin
                  primates. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 132: 247-60.

2007         Andres A, Donovan SM, Kuhlenschmidt TB, Kuhlenschmidt MS. Isoflavones at concentrations present in soy
                  infant formula inhibit rotavirus infection in vitro. Journal of Nutrition 137: 2068-2073.

2008         Bernstein RM, Leigh SR, Donovan SM, Monaco MH. Hormonal correlates of ontogeny in baboons (Papio
                  hamadryas anubis
) and mangabeys (Cercocebus atys). American Journal of Physical Anthropology

2009         Andres A, Donovan SM, Kuhlenschmidt MS. Isoflavones and viral infections.  Journal of Nutritional
20: 563–569.


1994         Donovan SM, Zijlstra RT, Odle J. Use of the piglet model to study the role of growth factors in neonatal
                  intestinal development. Endocrine Regulations 28: 153-162.

1994         Donovan SM, McNeil LK, Jiménez-Flores R, Odle J. Insulin-like growth factors and insulin-like growth factor
                  binding proteins in porcine serum and milk throughout lactation. Pediatric Research 36: 159-168.

1995         Zhao X, Unterman TG, Donovan SM.  Human growth hormone but not human insulin-like growth factor-I
                  enhances recovery from neonatal malnutrition in rats. Journal of Nutrition 125: 1316-1327.

1995         Donovan SM, Hintz RL Rosenfeld RG.  Investigation into the potential physiological sources of rat milk IGF
                  and IGF binding proteins. Journal of Endocrinology 145: 569-578.

1995         Clegg MS, Keen CL, Donovan SM.  Zinc deficiency-induced anorexia alters the distribution of serum insulin-
                  like growth factor-binding proteins in the rat. Metabolism 44: 1495-1501.

1995         Zhao X, Donovan SM.  Combined growth hormone (GH) and insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) treatment is
                  more effective than GH or IGF-I alone at enhancing recovery from neonatal malnutrition in rats. Journal of
125: 2773-2786.

1996         Odle J, Zijlstra RT, Donovan SM. Intestinal effects of milkborne growth factors in neonatal animals of
                  agricultural importance.  Journal of Animal Science 74: 2509-2522.

1996         Li YM, Arkins S, McCusker RH, Donovan SM, Jayaraman S, Dantzer R, Kelley KW. Macrophages
                  synthesize and secrete a 25 KD protein that binds insulin-like growth factor-I.  Journal of Immunology 156:

1996          Monaco MH, Donovan SM.  Moderate food restriction abolishes the pregnancy-associated rise in serum
                  growth hormone and decreases serum insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) concentrations without altering IGF-I
                  mRNA expression in rats.  Journal of Nutrition 126: 544-55.

1996         Larson MR, Donovan SM, Potter SM.  Effects of dietary protein source on cholesterol metabolism in
                  neonatal piglets.  Nutrition Research 16: 1563-1574.

1996         Zijlstra RT, Mies AM, McCracken BA, Odle J, Gaskins HR, Lien EL, Donovan SM.  Short-term metabolic
                  responses do not differ between neonatal piglets fed formulas containing hydrolyzed or intact soy proteins.
                  Journal of Nutrition 126: 913-923.

1996         Chao JC-J, Donovan SM. Effects of insulin, insulin-like growth factors, and epidermal growth factor on
                  mitogenesis and disaccharidase activity in rat (IEC-6) and human (FHs 74 Int) intestinal cells.  Chinese
                  Journal of Physiology
39: 253-264.

1997         Donovan SM, Chao J C-J, Zijlstra RT, Odle J.  Orally administered iodinated recombinant human insulin-like
                  growth factor-I (125I-IGF-I) is poorly absorbed by the newborn piglet.  Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology
                  and Nutrition
24: 174-182.

1997         Monaco MH, Donovan SM.  Alterations in the growth hormone-insulin like growth factor-I axis in food
                  restricted lactating rats.  Journal of Endocrinology 152: 303-316

1997         Donovan SM, Mar M-H, Zeisel SH.  Choline and choline ester concentrations in porcine milk throughout
                  lactation.  Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry 8: 603-607.

1997         Zijlstra RT, Donovan SM, Odle J, Gelberg HB, Petschow BW, Gaskins HR. Protein-energy malnutrition
                  delays small-intestinal recovery in neonatal pigs infected with rotavirus. Journal of Nutrition 127: 1118-1127.

1997         Houle VM, Schroeder EA, Odle J, Donovan SM.  Small intestinal disaccharidase activity and ileal villus
                  height are increased in piglets consuming formula containing recombinant human insulin-like growth factor-I.
                  Pediatric Research 42: 78-86.

1997         Monaco MH, Donovan SM.  Insulin-like growth factor-I infusion increases skeletal muscle and mammary a-
                  amino[1-14C]isobutyric acid (AIB) accumulation in vivo in food restricted lactating rats.  Nutrition Research
17: 1143-1154.

1998         Massé PG, Ziv I, Cole DEC, Mahuren JD, Donovan SM, Yamauchi M, Howell DS.  A cartilage matrix
                  deficiency experimentally induced by vitamin B6 deficiency.  Proceedings of the Society for Experimental
                  Biology & Medicine
217: 97-103.

1998         Gautsch TA, Kandl SM, Donovan SM, Layman DK.  Response of the IGF-I system to prolonged
                  undernutrition and its involvement in somatic and skeletal muscle growth retardation in rats.  Growth,
                  Development and Aging
62: 13-25.

1998         McCracken BA, Zijlstra RT, Donovan SM, Odle J, Lien EL, Gaskins HR.  Neither intact or hydrolyzed soy
                  proteins elicit intestinal inflammation in neonatal piglets.  Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition 22: 91-

1998         Park YK, Monaco MH, Donovan SM. Delivery of total parenteral nutrition (TPN) via umbilical catheterization:
                  development of a piglet model to investigate therapies to improve gastrointestinal structure and enzyme
                  activity during TPN. Biology of the Neonate 73: 295-305.

1998         Ward WE, Donovan SM, Atkinson SA.  Dexamethasone-induced abnormalities in growth and bone
                  metabolism are attenuated by growth hormone with no synergistic effect of IGF-I.  Pediatric Research 44:

1998         Clegg MS, Donovan SM, Monaco MH, Baly DL, Ensunsa JL, Keen CL.  The influence of manganese
                  deficiency on serum IGF-I and IGF binding proteins in the male rat.  Proceedings of the Society for
                  Experimental Biology & Medicine
219: 41-47.

1999         Keen CL, Ensunsa JL, Watson MH, Baly DL, Donovan SM, Monaco MH, Clegg MS.  Nutritional aspects of
                  manganese from experimental studies.  Neurotoxicology 20: 213-223.

1999         Gautsch TA, Kandl SM, Donovan SM, Layman DK.  Growth hormone promotes somatic and skeletal muscle
                  growth recovery in rats following chronic protein energy malnutrition. Journal of Nutrition 129: 828-837.

1999     Zijlstra RT, McCracken BA, Odle J, Donovan SM, Gelberg HB, Petschow BW, Zuckermann FA, Gaskins
                  HR. Malnutrition modifies pig small intestinal inflammatory responses to rotavirus.  Journal of Nutrition 129:

1999         Park YK, Monaco MH, Donovan SM.  Orally administered insulin-like growth factor-I augments intestinal
                  disaccharidase activity in piglets receiving total parenteral nutrition.  Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology
                  and Nutrition

1999         Ganessunker D, Gaskins HR, Zuckermann FA, Donovan SM.  Total parenteral nutrition alters molecular and
                  cellular indices of intestinal inflammation in neonatal piglets. Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition 23:

1999         Averette LA, Odle J, Monaco MH, Donovan SM.  Dietary fat during pregnancy and lactation increases milk
                  fat and insulin-like growth factor I concentrations and improves neonatal growth rates in swine.  Journal of
129: 2123-2129.

1999         Ward WE, Atkinson SA, Donovan SM, Paes B.  Bone metabolism and circulating IGF-I and IGFBPs in
                  dexamethasone-treated premature infants. Early Human Development 56: 127-141.

Postdoctoral Research (Stanford University;1988-1991)

1989         Donovan SM, Oh Y, Pham H, Rosenfeld RG.  Ontogeny of serum insulin-like growth factor binding proteins
                  in the rat.  Endocrinology 125: 2621-2627.

1991         Donovan SM, Hintz RL, Wilson DM, Rosenfeld RG.  Insulin-like growth factors I and II and their binding
                  proteins in rat milk.  Pediatric Research 29: 50-55.

1991         Ceda GP, Fielder PJ, Henzel WJ, Louie A, Donovan SM, Hoffman AR, Rosenfeld RG.  Differential effects of
                  IGF-I and IGF-II on the expression of IGF binding proteins (IGFBPs) in a rat neuroblastoma cell line:  Isolation
                  and characterization of two forms of IGFBP-4.  Endocrinology 128: 2815-2824.

1991         Donovan SM, Atilano LC, Wilson DM, Hintz RL, Rosenfeld RG.  Differential regulation of the insulin-like
                  growth factors and IGF binding proteins during malnutrition in the neonatal rat.  Endocrinology 129: 149-157.

1991         Donovan SM, Hintz RL, Rosenfeld RG.  Insulin-like growth factors I and II and their binding proteins in human
                  milk:  Effect of heat treatment on IGF and IGF binding protein stability.  Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology
                  and Nutrition
13: 242-253.

1991         Donovan SM, Giudice LC, Murphy LJ, Hintz RL, Rosenfeld RG.  Maternal insulin-like growth factor binding
                  protein expression during pregnancy in the rat.  Endocrinology 129: 3359-3366.

1992         Ceda GP, Fielder PJ, Donovan SM, Rosenfeld RG, Hoffman AR.  Regulation of insulin-like growth factor-
                  binding protein expression by thyroid hormone in rat GH3 pituitary tumor cells.  Endocrinology 130: 1483-

1993         Lamson G, Giudice LC, Cohen P, DeLeon DD, Donovan S, Rosenfeld RG.  Proteolysis of IGFBP-3 may be
                  a common regulatory mechanism of IGF action in vivo. Growth Regulation 3: 91-95.

Doctoral Research (University of California, Davis, 1983-1988)

1989         Donovan SM, Lönnerdal B.  Isolation of non-protein nitrogen from human milk by gel filtration
                  chromatography and Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography (FPLC). American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
50: 53-57.

1989         Donovan SM, Lönnerdal B.  Development of a human milk protein standard.  Acta Paediatrica
78: 171-179.

1989         Donovan SM, Lönnerdal B.  Non-protein nitrogen and true protein in infant formulas.  Acta Paediatrica
78: 497-504.

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                  birthweight infants. American Journal of Diseases of Children 143: 1485-1491.

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                  Paediatrica Scandinavica
79: 899-905.

1991         Donovan SM, Ereman RR, Dewey KG, Lönnerdal B.  Postprandial changes in the content and composition
                  of non-protein nitrogen in human milk.  American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 54: 1017-1023.