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Conference Proceedings

Conference Proceedings
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1990           Donovan SM, Lönnerdal B, Atkinson SA.  Bioavailability of 15N,15N-urea N for the low birthweight infant.  In: Atkinson SA, Hanson LA, Chandra RK (editors), Breastfeeding, Nutrition, Infection and Infant Growth in Developed and Emerging Countries.   ARTS Biomedical Publishers Inc, St Johns, Newfoundland, Canada, p. 473-476.

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2009           Adedze P, Orr R, Donovan S.  The social ecological model as a framework for health and nutrition interventions in Rwanda. In: Kokoma I, Wagner R, (editors), (in press)

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2012           Kunz C, Röhrig CH, Dekany G, Donovan SM. Introduction to the symposium. Advances in Nutrition 3:

2012           Howarth GS, Butler RN, Salminen S, Gibson GR, Donovan SM. Probiotics for optimal nutrition: From
                    efficacy to guidelines. Advances in Nutrition 3: 720-722.

2012           Donovan SM, Schneeman B, Gibson GR, Sanders ME. Establishing and evaluating health claims for
                    probiotics. Advances in Nutrition 3: 723-725.

2012           Pray L, Pillsbury L, Tomayko E, Food Forum, Food and Nutrition Board, Institute of Medicine.  The human
                    microbiome, diet and health:  A workshop summary. National Academies Press:
           (I was a speaker at the Workshop and my research is
                    featured in Section 5-3: Host-Microbe Interactions in the Perinatal Period).