Lab meeting

Graduate Opportunities

Students wishing to pursue a graduate degree in Human Nutrition or Nutritional Sciences are encouraged to contact Dr. Donovan ( prior to applying. Questions regarding research interests and opportunities can be discussed.

Graduate students of the Lab are expected to develop a balance between the fundamental and applied aspects of human nutrition. This is achieved through course work, lab work, seminars, presentations, and through the participation and running of studies. Potential students can apply either to the Division of Nutritional Sciences or the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition.

Undergraduate and Pre-Vet Opportunities

Undergraduate students desiring to practice laboratory research techniques, enhance their knowledge of biochemical nutrition, and gain experience working with small animals are encouraged to join the Donovan Lab as an undergraduate researcher. Students will perform supervised research projects as well as participate in lab studies. These studies provide opportunities for students to practice animal care procedures. Interested students should contact Dr. Donovan ( to discuss available opportunities, methods to receive class credit, and to set up an interview.