Working in the Hood
Lab Resources Page

Welcome to the Donovan Laboratory!

In case you need to contact anyone in the office please call the following numbers:

Donovan Lab (main #): (217) 244-2873
Dr. Donovan's office: (217) 333-2289
Post Doc office: (217) 333-2685
Grad Student office: (217) 244-2863

Information for new members - getting started:

1. Please see Marcia to assist you in scheduling an appointment with Sanna Frazier to add you to the department payroll. Sanna may be contacted directly at, by phone at (217) 265-6805, or by going to the FSHN department office in 260 Bevier Hall.

2. To obtain your lab key(s) a request must be submitted to the department office. Marcia can assist you in this matter.

3. Safety training must also be completed. Several online courses and quizzes, administered through various research and safety offices, must be taken to ensure you know the appropriate procedures when working in a laboratory and when working with animals. The lab safety training modules can be found at the following links: General Lab Safety, Understanding Biosafety, IACUC Basic Training, OHS Training (the OHS training page has several questions that require specific answers. Those answers, along with a more detailed description of what you need to do to get ready can be read here). Once each training course is complete, save/print your certificate as you may need to notify the appropriate personnel of its completion.

4. A tour of the animal facility, as well as a briefing of emergency procedures, is required before you can start working in the animal facility. Please set up an appointment with Patrick Sergent to be given a tour of the facility. He can be reached through email at, by telephone at (217) 333-3894, or in person in his office in 152 ERML.

5. After receiving a tour of the animal facility your are eligible to receive access to the facility. Please see Pat again to have your i-card approved for access to the animal facility entrance. IMPORTANT: A blue swipe-card must also be picked up to gain access to the pig rooms and other hallways.